Point of views

How can be a persian woman?

Flowers nonexistent in nature, vegetal flourishes hovering above dead waters, fantastic landscapes scattered oddly and incongruously with familiar or imaginary objects from within which, as in a fleeting dream, a ruin or a monster from Persepolis occasionally emerges.

1963, My dear Iran Darroudi

I think I am among a few of those who don’t fear of being lost in the intricate halls in which numerous painters are hopefully looking for “Miniature”. The painter, knowingly or unknowingly, always paints his own portrait; for “figures of life” have nothing to do with “life of figures”. And this “life of figures” is developed other than portraying.

1972, Iran Darroudi, a sambol of iran I intended of interpret Iran or Iranian feely

Poem, “this extremely beheaded”, this ruined by those aberrant opportunists, those who are unaware of pure beauty; thus tasting Iran Darroudi’s admirable paintings is a  “joy for ever” for us.

Great painters of the world in Mexico

…One of the great painters presently in Mexico is Iran Darroudi, who has brought along different viewpoints of her multi-millennial culture.

Iran Darroudi at a Glance

Iran Darroudi’s paintings have remained faithful to the bright light of Iran; a light rooted at once in geography, owing to the sharp angle at which sunlight shines on this land, in culture, reflecting the lofty thoughts of our great mystic scholars, and in history, mirroring the inner light of the collective life of the peoples living on this plateau.

The painters of ethereal moments

Yet, notwithstanding these visual similarities, deep mental differences separate them from Western Surrealistic paintings, because Iran Darroudi’s paintings are rooted in an Oriental mysticism whose enigmatic silence pervades all the constituent elements of her works; a silence that assimilates everything in a poetic crystallization of time and light.

For Iran Darroudi and her colorful struggle

Painters before you
Created many deer through a mixture of leaves
And a flock of sheep in a mountainside
With a shepherd hidden in the vagaries of clouds 
On the mountaintop.
Or in a full and simple manner they portrayed a hunger, stricken reindeer suffering in a colorful and smoggy forest.

Paint us the lines of similarity: