Emmanuel Looten

1972, Iran Darroudi, a sambol of iran I intended of interpret Iran or Iranian feely

Poem, “this extremely beheaded”, this ruined by those aberrant opportunists, those who are unaware of pure beauty; thus tasting Iran Darroudi’s admirable paintings is a  “joy for ever” for us.

How can we speak about such a perfect, accurate artist who has become experienced during 35 years of life at the Beaux Arts in Paris. I am sure that she has a deep sensation… This supernatural sense of colours (this “painful lights”), and the harmony of lights and masses. An extremely, artistic, sensitive delicacy (and to what extent!)… That wonderful power of perception and conveyance that she interprets as femininity in herself. 

For sure the blazing but died pain cannot be expressed its grief in its radiation ! Certainly, having such an effective radiance of eye entails acquiring great experiences which one should accept and preserve them liberality. See this effective attention in the works of this eminent painter, a sincere artist, and in one word, a real devotee of the genuine art whose works are full of raptures and interpret the beautiful word of divinity, and I call her Mrs. Iran Darroudi.