Press Interview

24 December 2016

“The Distance between two points is my painting but in words
Although we have always believed in and have become accustomed to witnessing the love of life in Ms. Darroudi, this year was one of the most exciting years of her life. On the 2nd of September, the 47 year dream of one of Iran’s most celebrated painters became a reality on her 80th birthday: the “Iran Darroudi Museum” construction project began in the Yusef-abad district of Tehran.

2020 October 27

The teachings of Iran Darroudi, the great contemporary Iranian painter

By: Dr. Sepideh Omidvari

Psychiatrist and Associate Professor, Cancer Research Center of Tehran’s Medical Science University

Having a right perception of life, tolerating its unwelcome events and acceptance of death as a life realty, are all very important. An unwavering battle against its difficulties is possible if we could have a right view of life included all its unpleasant events.


Instead of a museum permit, I got heaven’s one!