1 September 2016

Laying the foundation stone of the Iran Darroudi Museum

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the Iran Darroudi Museum, the prominent Iranian painter was held at the museum site at Yousef-abad district of Tehran on her birthday, the 1st of September. A group of nationally prominent cultural and artistic managers and artists attended the event.

Mr. Rajabi Me’mar: “Iran Darroudi is full of hope and Energy.”

At the beginning of ceremony, Pejman Pashmchi-zadeh, the Deputy of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tehran Municipality, expressing his happiness for the establishment of this museum in Tehran, said: “The mayor of Tehran had a lot of interest and emphasis on establishing the museum. Finally the foundation stone of this museum is going to be laid today. This day, which is also the birthday of this dear artist, surely is an auspicious day. I hope Iran Darroudi will evoke splendor in the world of the arts for many years to come, and in the near future we see the opening of the museum and the exhibition of her works continuing to inspire new artists.”

Mr. Rajabi Me’mar, who is the managing director of the Iran Artists House and also the cultural and artistic advisor to the Tehran Mayor stated that it is a blessing for everyone to take part in this gathering on the birthday of Iran Darroudi to fulfill her greatest dream.  “During the time I was following the museum issues I became more acquainted with Iran Darroudi’s character and all I saw in this lady artist was light, flowers, energy, brightness, joy and hope.”

Noting that Iran Darroudi and her works give positive energy to those around her, he expressed: “Considering that Ms. Darroudi intended to leave most of her works for the Iranian people and the available spaces in Tehran didn’t seem to have the necessary features, it was decided that by building a dedicated exhibition space, this artist would be able to leave her works for the Iranian people, just as she had always wished.”

Noting that Iran Darroudi had turbulent days before the land assignment, he clarified: “I hope, with her efforts, this dedicated museum will be presented to the Iranian nation as soon as possible.”

Mohammad-Reza Kargar: “Artists, keep the culture and art of this land alive.”

Mohammad-Reza Kargar, Director General of Museums Affairs of the Cultural Heritage Organization, pointing out the artists’ role in Iran’s culture and art, said: “Constructing this museum is an auspicious event which unfortunately rarely happens in our country. We have accepted a principle in our country’s history that there are always individuals who ensure that the culture and history of this land will be continued. These characters, who are not few in the history of Iran, have stepped forward to stabilize the history of this land whenever needed. It did not matter to them that the lasting legacy of Iran’s culture and art is not in the hands of the government, and today, this flag is held firmly in Iran Darroudi’s hands. The Iranian people are proud because Iranian society is a great society with great artists who keep the culture and art of this land alive.”

Referring to the importance of Iran Darroudi’s contributions, Mr. Kargar said: “One of the country’s artists has chosen her best artworks as a gift to the people today, and has created the opportunity for them to keep Iran Darroudi’s memory alive throughout history. Humans are distinguished by their desires. Iran Darroudi had a desire to build a place at her own expense to gift her works to the Iranian people; this desire shows how and for what purpose some people live.”

In recognition of the cooperation of the Tehran Municipality in this cultural and artistic venture, The Director General of Museums said: “Tehran municipality has reached the conclusion that the city needs art to achieve balance and harmony, and this is a very important event. The museum will cause growth and development, and is itself the product of growth and development, and an advanced society is not imaginable without museums. I hope with the efforts of the Cultural Heritage Organization, Tehran Municipality and our artists, Tehran will someday be an internationally renowned city of museums.”

Iran Darroudi: “We Iranians have accepted art to be synonymous with patriotism; I grow closer to God through art”.

Iran Darroudi stated that she grew up with the saying “If Iran does not exist, it is better for me to die.” She remembers that her father taught her as a child that her identity as an Iranian is the most important thing and that she should protect it forever. “He named me Iran and told me ‘freedom’ is its meaning.”

She added: “As long as I live, I will paint with love for Iran and the people of this land, and I will prove as an Iranian woman that even though I wasn’t blessed with motherhood, consider myself the mother of the whole Iranian Nation. This museum will become the cultural center of Iran and the next generation will get acquainted with the art of Iran and the world in this very location.”

She expressed concern that due to the turbulence and instability that Iranian art has gone through recently, it is not currently in a desirable place. She said “We showed art to the world with Persepolis. Art began with Iran and we have accepted it as the meaning of humanity. Art is the most beautiful aspect of man because there is no artwork which has been created with impure thoughts and intentions.”

Darroudi emphasizing, to be an artist, one must be in love, noted that: “When I was 33 and my works were published in the most prestigious publications in the world, I wished to present them to my nation one day, and today after 47 years I am very happy because after years of effort I have reached my dreams. And I pray that one day everyone like me reaches his dreams.”

She clarified: “I am proud to be an Iranian and I have learned how important my value as an Iranian is. I have relied on and built upon several thousands of years of history, and based on this history, I claim I am an artist, and I am standing.

“I hope that people will love Iran, because it is our identity, originality, tradition and way of thinking, and we will not ever be separated from it. Throughout history, we have shown our fellow humans that after we have conquered a city we accept its people with all their beliefs and ideals.”

Darroudi said: “I hope this museum will become a private entity, so that future generations can learn and explore fresh and alternative opinions and views.  I hope the Iranians will be in a position worthy of their merit, consciousness and intelligence.”

Emphasizing that the art is the greatest asset of a human being, she said: “If we remove art from life, we will have nothing in our life, and I hope we will gift this art to our children by educating them and make their lives more beautiful too.”

In conclusion, the contemporary artist stated that her only dream and request from god on this day is to increase her faith in him. She continued: “Art means to watch from above. It means life. It means approaching God. I grew closer to God through my art, and I believe that God chose me and gave me the courage to paint and gave me the understanding and intelligence to love painting. Painting is how I worship and pray.”

In the final part of the ceremony, Iran Darroudi and Majid Rajabi Me’mar together broke ground with a pickaxe. Later a celebration was held at the Iran Artists House in recognition of Iran Darroudi’s birthday.

In this ceremony, Majid Molla-Norouzi the General Manager of Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said: “Iran Darroudi always dreamed of working for the art and culture of this land. I am glad that one of her dreams came true tonight, and her belief and energy in her work gave rise to this event. There are only a few artists whose philosophy of enlightenment and Iranian mysticism is so prominent in their works. I am privileged to work alongside her as her contemporary, and I hope that God blesses her with a long and healthy life. Iranian Culture and art will always be indebted to Iran Darroudi.”

Majid Rajabi Me’mar also said at the ceremony: “Iran Artists House belongs to all artists, art lovers and art veterans. I hope this institution can help them to develop and implement their ideas. Opening of the Iran Darroudi Museum brings us much joy and it is important that Ms. Darroudi is satisfied with the progress of the project. It is a saying that “A person’s value is in their effort” and Iran Darroudi is a good example of this principle. You can gauge a person’s worthiness from their dreams. Iran Darroudi, had great aspirations and worked hard to achieve them. We are happy that with the help of The Mayor of Tehran, we were able to achieve one of Ms. Darroudi’s dreams at her 80th birthday. I hope that with her efforts, perseverance and attention to detail, this museum will be built quickly as her great gift to the current and future generations of the people of Iran.”

The Foundation of the Iran Darroudi Museum will be a multi-propose cultural center where, in addition to presenting Darroudi’s works, will also host various other cultural and artistic activities. The museum exhibits 195 paintings, all of which are nationally registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization. All of these works, except for a few recent ones which have been transferred from Paris to Tehran, have been previously exhibited in various international galleries.

Iran Darroudi Museum is located on Yusef-abad St. between 65th and 67th Ave., behind Parastoo Park and will be built at her own expense.

Source: Iran Artists House News Agency