28 July 2019

Exhibition of lasting work of Iran Darroudi in Hemmat Highway, one of the most important roads in Tehran.

This masterpiece is 2.0 by 3.0 meters (6’. 8” by 10’) and has been created in 1976 and is her favorite amongst her works.

Iran Darroudi quotes a comment by director of Tehran’s renowned Museum of Contemporary Arts in March 2001 stating: “ “Limpid as Love” is a missing link in Iran’s contemporary painting collection.”

Darroudi believes the tableau of Limpid as Love would have found many buyers during the last 30 years have it been offered for sale. She resisted the temptation of selling because of her sentimental attachment “I love it and can’t let it go”. She says: “In March 2001, I made a big decision to gift this great work to my people who always encouraged me and were beside me. I wanted to pay my debt to the great nation of Iran.”

This gift was released to the Museum of Contemporary Arts in a ceremony with the presence of reporters and it is currently displayed for public viewing in this museum.

How this work was created?

Darroudi replies: “Limpid as Love” was created during in a short 11 hours of nonstop painting in a single day. However, from the point of my artistic and private life, those days, were the epic of my happiness, so “Limpid as Love”, as simple as it may look, it is mystic and seems full of life and hope”.

It is necessary to mention that National Register Office of Iran has named Darroudi’s house in Tehran where is situated at the end of Tavanir St. a national cultural heritage in 2017.

Also Tehran’s Mayor submitted the Museum of Iran Darroudi, which is located at Yousef-abad quarter to Ms. Darroudi in 1996.

A total of 195 Tableaus of Darroudi’s work will be placed and presented in the museum as soon as its construction is finalized. Dr. Jahangir Darvish, a prominent Iranian architect, has designed the museum’s building.